Not neglecting NTDs

WHO focuses on 17 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that kill or disable millions of people every year. Stopping NTDs is achievable with many successes resulting from multi-stakeholder approaches.

Pharmaceutical industry-led partnerships collectively take a holistic approach to stopping NTD-related suffering. Focused on R&D, health system capacity strengthening, training and donations, these initiatives bring together a variety of international and local partners. Following WHO's leadership, in 2012, the London Declaration strengthened global resolve to stop NTDs. Collectively 13 pharmaceutical companies announced donations of 14 billion treatments over the next 10 years toward the elimination or control of nine NTDs. While these donations are already playing a large role, more is needed to ensure sustainable solutions are found. For this reason, a number of health partnerships strive to provide the long-term access to medicines and vaccines.