Community-based Hypertension Improvement Project (Com-HIP)

Partnership objectives

  1. Improve control and management of hypertension through Com-HIP (Community-based Hypertension Improvement Project);
  2. Link community members to community health workers and public health system through mhealth. 

Com-HIP is a three year program Com-HIP is a three year program Copyright Novartis

What are the health needs and challenges?

The World Health Organization estimates that the prevalence of hypertension in Ghana is 27.3%, one quarter of the country’s adult population. Despite this fact, few efforts have been made to ensure that hypertension is controlled, preventing the incidence of other health related diseases. In fact, it has been estimated that only 4.1% of hypertensive patients in Ghana control their hypertension. 

Description of partnership activities and how they address needs and challenges

The Community-based Hypertension Improvement Project (ComHIP) is a three-year program designed to evaluate the impact of an innovative healthcare model on hypertension control and self-management in Ghana. Novartis works with its partners to develop hypertension awareness within the community, organize screening and diagnosis facilities outside the health system, improve skills for community nurses, and support self-management of hypertension by patients.

ComHIP shifts the patient’s point of access to care from the hospital, which is often distant and crowded, to the community. Local businesses and healthcare workers based in the community are trained to screen and care for hypertensive patients. 

In 2015, the screening for hypertension began in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region in Ghana.


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Partnership information

Company(ies) Novartis

Partner(s) FHI Development 360, Ghana Health Service (GHS), Ghana University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, VOTO Mobile

Type of Partner(s) Academia / Hospitals, Government, NGOs, Other Business

Therapeutic Focus Non-Communicable Diseases

Disease(s) Hypertension

Program Type(s) Health System Infrastructure - mHealth, Health System Infrastructure - Outreach & Medical Services, Prevention Programs - Awareness & Outreach

Targeted Population(s) General population

Region(s) Sub-Saharan Africa

Number of Countries 1

Country(ies) Ghana

Research Country(ies) Ghana

Start Date 2014

More information Novartis Community-based Hypertension Improvement Project (Com-HIP)

Anticipated completion date 2017