Giving Life a Chance: Russia

Partnership objectives

  1. Support Russian women diagnosed with breast cancer in gaining access to timely high-quality drug treatment.
  2. Drive public and stakeholders' (officials, general public, medical community) attention to the problem of breast cancer treatment in Russia, and importance of diagnosis at early stage and access to modern treatment.

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What are the health needs and challenges?

Breast cancer is among the most acute women's health problems in Russia. Around 61,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year whereas the annual mortality is 23,000. In Russia, only a limited number of patients receive timely treatment. Due to this reason the five-year survival rate after diagnosis is no more than 59.5% (compared to 89.4% in the US). 

Description of partnership activities and how they address needs and challenges

In 2010, Sanofi Russia, in cooperation with the leading Russian cancer institutes and the professional community of oncologists and chemotherapists, launched awareness campaigns and support programs for breast cancer patients.

The program makes use of traditional communication channels as well as social media, conveying high-impact messages like:

“Each day in Russia, 47 children lose their mothers to breast cancer.”

Lessons learned

Access to treatment for women in Russia remains a challenge that needs to be addressed but the social impact of the issue in Russia was one of the first lessons learnt in the program. 

Summary of impact and forward looking information

In 2014, 4,154 patients from 84 cities gained access to quality treatment in line with international standards. The program helped to draw attention of the Russian government officials to BC issues in Russia: in 2014, modern treatment for breast cancer was included into federal reimbursement. The program is now terminated.

In total, from 2010 to 2014, as part of the program, 13,032 women from 84 cities received treatment.

The “Giving life a chance” program won external recognition for its contribution to changing the situation for the better. In 2013, the program was ranked among Russia’s Top 20 Best social projects for the second consecutive year.


Giving Life a Chance, Russia

Partnership information

Company(ies) Sanofi

Partner(s) Russian Society of Oncologists Chemotherapeutists, Women’s Congress

Type of Partner(s) NGOs, Professional Associations

Therapeutic Focus Non-Communicable Diseases, Women and Children's Health

Disease(s) Breast Cancer, Cancer, Women's Health

Program Type(s) Availability of Treatment - Product Donations, Prevention Programs - Awareness & Outreach

Targeted Population(s) Mothers, Women

Region(s) Europe & Central Asia

Number of Countries 1

Country(ies) Russia

Start Date 2011

More information Global Health Dynamics

Anticipated completion date Ongoing