Shionogi Antimicrobial stewardship program

Program Objectives

The program aims to implement the following initiatives to ensure all antimicrobials, not just those made by Shionogi, are used appropriately.

  • Organize and provide necessary information about appropriate treatment approaches based on domestic and international guidelines.
  • Provide useful information about treatment using data from domestic and international antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance programs. 

What are the health needs and challenges?

At Shionogi, antimicrobial stewardship means selecting the best medicine and administration method and ensuring treatment starts and ends at the optimal time, in order to make treatment safe and reliable, prevent the spread of drug-resistant bacteria and viruses, and support the effective use of healthcare resources.

Description of partnership activities and how they address needs and challenges

In July 2010, Shionogi established a special unit promoting appropriate use of anti-infective drugs. The mission of this unit is:

  • Adhere to the highest ethical standard in promotion of antibiotics.
  • Support continuing medical education from anti-infective Key Opinion Leaders to Health Care Professionals (HCP) regarding appropriate use of antibiotics (Lecture, Web conference, Radio broadcasting, Support tools of countermeasures against nosocomial infection etc.)
  • Share relevant information on appropriate use to HCPs (Symposium, Lecture at medical office etc.)
  • Engage in research and development of anti-infective innovative medicine and diagnostics.
  • Conduct surveillance for susceptibility of antibiotics every two years, at approximately 20 medical institutes in Japan.
Corresponding principle in the declaration

“We are committed to antibiotics only being used in patients who need them, we support continued education for clinical professionals on appropriate use, and we welcome the WHO Global Action Plan’s focus on improved stewardship”.


Partnership information

Company(ies) Shionogi

Therapeutic Focus Infectious Diseases

Disease(s) Drug-Resistant Infections (AMR)

Program Type(s) Health System Infrastructure - Outreach & Medical Services, Prevention Programs - Awareness & Outreach, Research & Development - Operations Research

Region(s) East Asia & Pacific

Number of Countries 3

Country(ies) China, Japan, Taiwan

Start Date 2010

More information Shionogi (Japanese only)

Anticipated completion date Ongoing